Gallia Laundry

In April of 2019, Milnor completed the first large PulseFlow tunnel washer installation in the French market. A brand-new 12-module 76039 PBW 68 kg (150 lb.) is now up and running at Gallia laundry in Chartres. Thanks to the state-of-the-art PulseFlow technology, the laundry has gained efficiency in laundry processing by increasing the amount of linen processed, while benefiting from shorter process times and water savings.

Résimont Laundry – Meeting Growing Expectations

Improving both efficiency and productivity of processed linen while maintaining high-quality standards and flexibility in washing capacities has been achieved by Olivier Résimont’s growing Belgian laundry, thanks to the start-of-the-art Milnor PulseFlow® batch washing system.

The Résimont Laundry was founded in 1951 by Camille Résimont in Mettet Belgium and is now run by his son Olivier. The medium-sized laundry, well-known for its high standards, has always focused on the quality of work and the quality of service to its customers. As any mid-size company wishing to expand its activities, the Résimont Laundry needed to diversify its offerings in order to compete with the big groups in the laundry market.